Boat Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve been sailing, or had a serviceable sailboat. Like many things, my interest in sailing waxes and wains. I recently decided that I would like a small trailerable sailboat so I can get back on the water. After much thought and research, I settled on the Goat Island Skiff as my next boat, and that I would build one. Why? Well, it’s light and easy to move around- current owners love them- reportedly fast under sail and rows well- easier and faster to build, though not as pretty, as the glued lapstrake daysailers- I need a project- . Wait. I mean because I can.

Designer Michael Storer, Australian.

Our last boat was a little bigger. A Pearson 35. The picture in the banner above was taken during one of our many day sails around Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.port_front

Here I begin theĀ Build Log.